As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to evolve, many business owners and leaders are at a standstill. Do you wait it out? Wait until normalcy comes back around? This is now the time to heavily focus on digital marketing. Storefronts and bus ads that would usually have been seen by many now fewer people are venturing out, and now events are cancelled. Hubnest has four simple simple tips to be proactive during these limiting times:

1. It is important to inform your community the measures and steps your business is taking to comply with the health and safety guidelines provided by authorized health officials;

2. Provide regular updates what you are doing to keep your customers and your staff safe during this time of heightened concern with clear health & hygiene guidelines;

3. Disclose operating hours with some limitation for public safety reasons. Thank your audience for their loyalty and continued support;

4. Provide these updates via email, social media, and location entrance

These updates will show your organization is proactively taking initiative and still open for business! Important to have an initiative in your customer communications. Contact us if you need further assistance.