In the last few months, Hubnest worked on several activations between NYC and Toronto on behalf of marketing agencies. We learned a lot by deploying some cool innovative ways to design and build displays and mixed reality experiences, and how brands are adopting the revolutionary technology for storytelling.

From the build experience gained, we learned there are now far more support from major software companies and the tech communities. The abundance of opportunities allowed us to truly flex our creative skills using technology like interactive displays, 360-degree video, augmented data, and holograms in creating an unforgettable experience for our agency partner’s clients. 

When we attended the events using the technology we designed and built, it was enjoyable seeing audiences enjoy the immersive factor. Users gained a unique experience to a brand’s presentation extremely innovative by teasing an audience’s senses. The biggest benefit our team noticed was the minimal use of space needed at the venue while still providing a broader space to display products. 

We wrote this to help our readers understand why companies like Volvo are investing heavily on mixed reality tech that allow their prospective car buyers to engage with cars through screens and headsets instead of acquiring many thousands of square space for an entire vehicle line up display. 

If you have a project in mind, reach out to us to see how we can help your brand tell a story through innovation technology

Photo by Stephan Sorkin on Unsplash