Autonomous Digital Assistant

Data & Systems

Autonomous Digital Assistant (ADA) is an artificial intelligence driven Product Information Management (PIM) platform with a set of processes and tools that centralize and manage a business’ inventory and product information. The platform is capable of predicting patterns from various big data sources to ensure a single, accurate view of suggestion. By eliminating the need for multiple management tools such as cataloging, business process and data assurance tools, ADA is a cost-effective centralized platform that can manage data on most eCommerce information products.

The Project

Hubnest’s responsibility was building out an interface that reflected ADA’s capability. ADA is able to manage and decipher a plethora of data, which required a proper user interface. The back-end is designed for dynamic data environments that work in conjunction with data analysis tools. Hubnest proposed an interface that would universally be understood by traditional and digitally driven organizations without the need to build databases or code.

The Results

After countless rounds of changes and adjustments, ADA is now fully applicable to most organizations. The interface was well received and is currently in the process to be deployed nationally for usability testing.

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