Alumicor Express

Prototype, Database, Custom System

Alumicor is a division of Apogee Enterprises, a leading supplier of architectural aluminum building products and systems. The company which has been in business since 1959, operates out of four manufacturing plants, possessing the ability to address any architectural aluminum based need pertaining to the design, supply and installation systems.

The Project

Hubnest won the bid for Alumicor to help prototype a transaction eCommerce automation system that would be deployed nationwide. The system would need to integrate with their accounting, purchase order, and information databases for a seamless process.

The goal behind the development of this project was to reduce the need for human resources (outbound sales) and have existing customers perform purchases through an e-commerce automation system.

The system would need to achieve the following goals:

  • Improve customer retention by providing alternative means of purchase from a traditional sense
  • Improve conversion output and reducing order error
  • Improve workflow process with integrated departments

Hubnest was responsible for prototyping and deploying the system to one of Alumicor’s market – Halifax, Canada. We began conducting in-person user ‘client’ tests for behavior data. By identifying verbal and non-verbal stumbling blocks, we refined it through iterations to create the “best” approach.

System functions would accomplish the following:

  • Easy to review product data
  • Intuitive interface for all small transaction Alumicor customer base
  • Pull customer information immediately from current customer database, continuously tracking new transaction sales
  • Deliver live data to customers from product database with images, indicating current product stock
  • Integrate all transactions with Alumicor purchasing department for product delivery
  • Integrate all transactions with Alumicor accounting system for invoicing

We began prototyping the first version with a controlled test environment in Halifax for metrics on performance and feasibility. Our custom team began measuring the user data and continuously refined it throughout the test.

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