Dealer Lingo


Productive Formula is an automotive digital retail merchandising firm. The philosophy of all the technology built is based off car buyer behaviour data to better improve the quality of vehicle education and marketing.

Productive Formula gave us access to apply their ‘smart’ language matrix. The product needed to integrate with a vehicle data API system along with a large lifestyle content database.. The test vehicle data provided was for Dodge, Jeep, and Ram in all 2018 and 2019 vehicle trim features. Above that, the platform had to be built with the inclusion of over 900 vehicle videos that could be shared via social media. The goal of the system was to easily integrate new manufacturer brands and lifestyle content. 

A second phase was introduced to provide an option without the interface and create a direct integration to OEM website CMS platforms. 

The Results

Stakeholders were extremely happy with the result in the way we use dthe language matrix. The usability testing data came back with high marks. The product is now live.

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