Dealer Lingo


Productive Formula is an automotive technology firm. Their organization builds innovative platforms for the auto industry specifically with retail technology. The philosophy of all the platforms built is based off car buyer behaviour data to better improve the quality of their product results. They build technology to keep automotive providers relevant. Productive Formula is proud to build all their platforms with the latest vanilla programming practices without the use of frameworks or pre-scripted tools.

The Project

We were given a programming guide and a relatively short deadline in building an interface platform that will allow Productive Formula to apply their ‘smart’ language matrix into. The product was code named ‘mission control’ that later became known as Dealer Lingo ( The platform is noted as the first lifestyle content marketing platform designed for OEM car dealerships. Our initial OEM brand data were FCA products (Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram) featuring all 2018 and 2019 vehicle trim features. Above that, the platform had to be built with the inclusion of over 900 vehicle videos that could be shared via social media.

Hubnest needed to conduct a UX strategy to find a simple and easy-to-use interface for OEM dealerships for a complex system. Upon the strategy sessions, Hubnest built out the first version which was not receptive by OEM dealerships. It was ‘too modern’ from what we understood and required more basic fundamental design practices. We went back to the drawing board and designed a far more receptive version that is currently live.

While applying the design to the interface, we faced multiple obstacles in how to manage the data the interface needed to track. We were tasked to track every instance of how users were using the platform: from login time, content generated, time on platform, to tracking the global usage correlation data. Eventually we figured out we had to apply mixed methodologies from the financial and manufacturing industry.

The Results

After many painstaking nights and the assistance from some amazing teams in the tech community on some unique programming roadblocks, the usability testing data came back with high marks. The product is now live and currently available to FCA dealerships.

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