Custom System & Mixed Reality

Nobis is a luxury clothing company known for their winter wear with a presence in over 40 countries. Nobis is one of those innovative brands who takes performance textiles and technological innovations for outerwear, footwear and accessories, and applies them to fit the need of functionality while maintaining aesthetics. The brand encourages a “wandering” lifestyle for those who experience a wide range of weather elements.

The Project

We were approached by Nobis to discuss ways to improve the retail experience of their locations. The collaborative brainstorming resulted in several variations but ultimately decided to give shoppers the appearance of how the jacket would look in different elements. This promotes Nobis’ mantra of ‘Embrace The Elements’.

The process would be for customers to scan a tag, try on the jacket and the screen would walk the shopper through different weather conditions depending on the jacket features. The visual experience of the shopper wearing the jacket would see their reflection with different weather conditions cycling as though they are standing in snowfall, rain, and windy conditions.

Hubnest was responsible for creating the logic of all the jacket data, creating the weather animations, testing the best computing hardware for peak performance, and the possible interactions shoppers would like to perform.

The Results

The prototype was launched in early 2019 in one pilot store, and together with Nobis we are gathering the appropriate usability testing data and will be aiming for the future releases to significantly improve the product.

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