UFA Wednesday

Website & Custom System

Ursula Franklin Academy is a TDSB specialized education institute. The school offered a unique learning platform known as the Wednesday Enrichment Program.

Throughout the year, students take a variety of mini-courses that run on Wednesdays. Each unit lasts for approximately 4 weeks, and students take 4 courses per unit. Students are responsible for choosing courses from the three general curricular areas: Community Building, Connected Knowledge, and Healthy and Active Living. A student’s achievement in his or her Wednesday sessions is averaged out and forms ten percent of their regular marks in the first two terms and seven percent in the final term.

Hubnest introduced Process Automation through web based software to create the following results:

    Course Session sign up time improved
  • Teacher management time reduced being a self serviced system
  • System became social between students with badge rewards
  • Students may propose Course Sessions for Approval
  • Global updates were live and real time

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