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Established in 1952, Viscor is a lighting manufacturer specializing in LED & Fluorescent lighting products as well as metal fabrication; they serve the North America market with a diverse range of products including electronic and stereo components and solid state ballasts. Viscor is notable for inventing and developing the micro-furnace ceramic heater which has the capability to manufacture almost any sheet metal product.

The Project

Viscor continuously invested into new machinery and state-of-the-art infrastructure. Re-building their digital infrastructure also became a priority. Viscor launched an RFP to apply an existing web design which required coding, database configuration, and server setup. The requirements were straightforward:

  • Provide a Dedicated Project Manager
  • Integrate the site with Viscor’s unique server
  • Design a proper product navigation for new and existing customers
  • Ensure the site operated 98% faster than most websites
  • Create a searchable Resource database that would allow consumers access to manuals, product information, spec sheets, videos, and images

Our team submitted a proposal with our coding approach and standards. We met with Viscor at their gorgeous facility where we were awarded the project. We received all the requirements and began our discovery session. The session allowed us to discuss our design approach for their business. Viscor took the initiative and gave us control of the design process.

The Hubnest team proposed a new design that was less static than the original proposed design, and added some new features. Instead of using static images in various places, we created animations that draw the user’s attention to the appropriate section. We proposed a new design for the history section with an interactive timeline along with subtle animations that occurred while scrolling down the page.

The Results

The final website provided Viscor with a truly dynamic website. The executive team appreciated the results which led to further collaboration concerning other technical needs.

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