Here in the west, we have Google and Facebook as a primary means to reach our market. There are countless opportunities but today the landscape of these digital outlets has matured meanwhile digital advertising spend continues to rise. The search for new marketing opportunities to give business an edge is hard to come by. 

At Hubnest, we keep a pulse on a range of different markets and learning through our clients. After all, we are often the experts hired to facilitate majority of the marketing initiatives that need to go online. One we learned recently is reaching the Chinese demographic. Markets so fruitful in the west has acknowledged but haven’t mastered to reach aside from traditional marketing.


How to reach the Chinese demographic in North America

We identified the way brands in the East have been accomplishing this was by leveraging the top social media channels that essentially every Chinese individual, including the ones residing in the West have been utilizing for years – WeChat and Weibo. 


What is WeChat and Weibo? 

WeChat is China’s largest messaging app. Think of it as our Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger but blend Instagram into that mix with 600 million daily active users a month globally. CNBC covered extremely well what WeChat is in this link (

Weibo is China’s Twitter. Their microblogging site attracts more than 430 million active users a month globally. Aside from the political matters, the social content is incredibly rich for advertisers. New York Times covers what Weibo is in this link (

Each of these social media channels possesses advertising platforms that can be leveraged with the right Chinese community manager. Our team with native Chinese cultural background has experience in helping brands reach Chinese customers here in the West at a national level. Contact us to start your campaign in reaching the Chinese audience started.