In 2019, Hubnest was involved with more physical location displays ever. What was once a time where we designed and built experiences for audiences from their home and work is transforming to locations they visit – showrooms, events, conferences, commutes, etc. 

The one phrase we heard over and over with every company and agency we worked with was “we need to create an experience” while this was always the case, our work went from being focused what was on screen to being involved with the interaction beyond. We realized we are now also in the business of experiential marketing. 


What is experiential marketing?

While there are many explanations of this term, our definition is the sensation an audience gains interacting with a piece of technology in a room or space. A design to elicit an emotional response whether it’s to inspire, motivate, or excite – creating something memorable.


What are the benefits? 

My posts often talk about bringing personas into technology. I believe in humanizing all experiences, not just with technology. What ends up happening with experiential marketing is the brand becomes (or further) humanized and relatable. As a result, consumers are more engaged to the brand’s story and consumer audience will rally to do business with them.


Is experiential marketing for you?

In my opinion, I think every brand with branding fundamentals should consider this. If the brand has an existing tone that is easily understandable, experiential marketing will amplify that tone further. Another point is if the data collected from consumer audience is of significant value to the brand. 


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Photo by 祝 鹤槐 on Pexels