Having to redesign your website is a big decision, but knowing when to do it will be the key to helping your business grow. Not only will you need to set aside a budget for this project, you will also need to determine who you will hire to do this work, and most importantly what aspects of the website needs to be updated.

Here is some quick  guidance to help you decide if you need to invest in a redesign of your company’s current website:

  1. It looks like it was designed when Windows 98 was around.

This pretty much means your website looks like it is 20 years old, with flashy gifs and colourful text. Information is unorganized and is clear that not too much thought was put into it–especially not from a designer. Having a well designed website that looks nice and easy to use is important to convince your users that your company is growing and doing well. Competitors will also start noticing you and see you as a threat in the market.

2. The current website is not converting customers for your business.

One of the most important elements that a website does for your business is whether it is converting. Having a website that converts is ultimately one of the main reasons of having a website in the first place, it helps your company grow. Depending on what your company’s conversion goal may be; sign-ups for demos, making a purchase, or page views, if it is not meeting your goals then your website is not doing its job!

3. Anyone who visits your site can tell you it’s hard to navigate and has bad user experience.

It’s a tell tale sign there’s an issue if you ask anyone to visit your website and they can barely navigate around the site. You have about a 30 second attention span to capture users attentions–if they can’t navigate your site, they won’t use it. You can often tell if your website is doing well by taking a look at what competitors are doing, if they are keeping up with the latest trends and what kind of experience are they implementing in their websites.

4. It is not responsive and seamless to all the platforms out there today.

As the public continues to become more tech-savvy and using mobile as their main source of browsing, your company needs to be following in these trends so that users are able to access your website on any device–whether it be mobile, tablet, or desktop. Not being able to view your website via mobile means a loss in potential business. Having a responsive website will give a positive perception of your brand and business, which will likely mean higher conversion rates as well.

5. It is no longer relevant to your current business strategy.

If your website has not been updated in a long time, it is most likely that it no longer aligns with your current business strategy. Your website should directly reflect what you tell people in person about your company strategy and offerings, if it doesn’t, you’re most likely losing out on a lot of potential clients and customers. Making sure information is up to date is crucial for users to understand your business and whether they want to work with you, if this is not clear on your website, it’s time for a redesign.